Queen of Pentacles Crossed by Fool. The Crossing card often concerns the beds base associated with the thing card and never into the Significator.

Hope I’m able to get the interpretation associated with Queen with Fool crossing. Exactly what will be your initial thoughts — what pops into the mind?

More context and information:

Used to do reading about looking to get assistance with a health concern. I have already been struggling getting a particular feminine medical practitioner to react to my concerns. We’m pretty pissed down about any of it!

And this is really what i obtained when you look at the reading:

To start with, whenever shuffling deck, the Queen of Pentacles and Knight of Swords flipped from the deck. Well, that has been pretty apparent in my experience. I am pissed down (Knight of Swords) within my medical practitioner (Queen of Pentacles). I made the decision to place them right back within the deck and shuffle some more.

So they are a few of the cards i acquired in CC reading:

Queen of Pentacles (Significator) trick (Crossing) Ace of Wands (aware – third card) Knight of Swords (Unconscious – 4th card)

Once more , just what do you believe the trick card crossing means? Exactly what instantly arrived in your thoughts is the fact that she actually is acting like a trick, acting like you’ll find nothing to get worried with in terms of test outcomes. Or maybe, how is it possible that i am one that’s the Fool? Particularly if you think about the impulsivity and immaturity this is certainly suggestive regarding the Knight of Swords?

Exactly how else can I interpret the Fool card?

Perhaps i am being a trick by experiencing therefore annoyed along with her and projecting these emotions onto her?

Considering that the trick is crossing the Queen of Pentacles, does that suggest the Fool fundamentally relates to HER along with her attitude and behavior? This is certainly also a general concern we have regarding interpreting Court Cards and power (attributes, emotions, motivations) utilising the Celtic Cross. How can I determine if the ‘energy’ is linked to me personally (the main one asking the concern) or perhaps the power of whatever court cards are coming up within the reading? Since Queen of Pentacles is the Significator (or card that is first, it seems sensible, to me, that this energy sources are emanating from her.

We appreciate your truthful reaction. General impression regarding QoP crossed by Fool. Exactly what do it is thought by you generally means?

The Celtic Cross you employ contains a Significator place but no root of the thing place? And so the combination does not add up in my opinion to attempt to interpret it.

And the thing that was the real concern? You be seemingly interpreting the cards as response to “Why is not my physician getting back once again to me personally?” you preface your post with “we did reading about looking to get assistance with a health concern.”

The Celtic Cross you employ contains a Significator place but no root of the situation place? The Crossing card frequently relates to the bottom associated with question card rather than towards the Significator. And so the combination does not add up if you ask me to try and interpret it.

And that which was the question that is actual? You appear to be interpreting the cards as reply to “Why is not my physician getting back once again to me personally?” you preface your post with “we did reading about looking to get assistance with a health concern.”

I read CC spread a little unconventionally. costa rican dating app We use a lot more of a psychological (Jungian) twist on things. Therefore, base or foundation will be Knight of Swords, ‘unconscious’ underneath the significator and cross and Ace of Wands is aware or over the significator and cross.

Base will not sound right for me as a term. I am unsure simple tips to interpret cards in that way. Issue/base/significance/foundation all gets muddled in my own mind. Is there a better method to know the ‘base’ card? Possibly you can assist me personally.

We asked some pretty particular questions. Maybe, the size of it was made by the post confusing.

1. How would somebody interpret Queen of Pentacles Crossed because of the Fool?

2. Just how do this is of cards relate with the energies from the cards? Just what does power suggest? I have heard it referenced right here as a method that is preferred of court cards. I am attempting to learn to read court cards and I also’d appreciate other, more card that is skilled, some ideas on how to read them, plus in reference to the other person.

3. How do you read base cards? How can that relate solely to significator card?

4. How can you interpret a crossing card in relationship to significator card? Possibly, its ‘back to principles’ right here. We demonstrably require a few more training and training. Do a cross is read by me as a reversal or its upright place. Does the card adversely or definitely influence the first card? I have various responses from individuals.

My concerns try not to result from a accepted place of, “agree beside me. Or i want your confirmation that my interpretation is proper”. I simply need to get feedback from other people regarding their basic impressions of the cards – just how to utilize the keeping of Queen of Pentacles crossed by The Fool to comprehend a spread.

The question that is original posed regarding the cards had been: exactly what can you let me know about my present wellness dilemma that may shed some light regarding where I get from right here?

I’ve 4 or 5 medical practioners dealing with me personally. Both male and female racking your brains on what is happening beside me. She actually is only 1 for the medical practioners I have actually caused. It really is an elaborate ailment — and so I can not get into all of it here.

With regards to the cards within the spread, i came across the TRICK confusing as I indicated above.

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