How to delete your Faceb k information without deleting your account

With all the latest news about Faceb k’s nefarious tasks, we’re all thinking that it’s time we leave this toxic relationship, but it’s hard when it is the key (if not only) method we talk to family and friends around the world. If you’d like to #DeleteFaceb k, but need to keep really your account alive for various reasons, you’re not alone.

You can remove just as much data about your self as possible, and save and protect valuable memories from being collected and utilised without your consent that is express still maintaining a merchant account on Twitter. It’s not a perfect solution, nonetheless it will reduce the amount of your personal life that Faceb k takes from you because of its profit. Here’s how.

Bye Bye Data

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Twitter proved to be super easy utilizing Cardigan. Several fast ticks and all of my 20k+ Tweets went along to the wind.

Faceb k, on the other hand, had been more of an undertaking than I’d expected. Contrary to popular belief, Faceb k doesn’t effortlessly enable you to erase such things as posts, tags, and photos — so that you have to acquire a bit innovative.

How to delete Faceb k articles

The bottom of my project contains a Chrome extension called personal B k Post Manager (that we would ever guess is quite popular recently). The expansion fundamentally operates in your task Log and allows you to delete articles, unlike posts and hide/unhide posts from your Faceb k history. You can drill down and run it by month, or just “select all” and go to town year. Addititionally there is a rate environment enabling you to dial-in how well it works.

By standard, the extension runs at 4x. This worked pretty much for an initial pass, but when I s n learned, it missed quite a bit. The big hiccup here’s that you really should run the extension over repeatedly several times (that was my instance at least) to be sure it hits on every post. Be— that is forewarned on your own Faceb k history this might just take anywhere from the couple of hours up to a time or more.

My process included running the expansion multiple times for deletion, unliking and posts that are hiding. It t k me personally of a time . 5 to finally get each sweep to return zero outcomes. About the phase that is next Photos.

Just how to delete Faceb k photos

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All along your Faceb k journey, your methods will pay off big time now if you’ve managed to be organized and put your photos into albums. Deleting albums is a lot easier than deleting individual photos as you are able to destroy a entire album (and the photos within) with just a couple of clicks, whereas standalone photos have to be removed one-by-one. Yikes.

How to delete a Faceb k photo album

This process is fairly quick and painless (based on exactly how albums that are many could have) and removes the record itself and all the photos within stated record album.

  • Go to your Photos click and page on Albums.
  • Go right to the record you intend to delete
  • Click on the gear in the right that is top pick Delete Album
  • Click to verify

Just how to delete individual Faceb k pictures

This really is one of those “wow, do i truly wish to accomplish this?” moments. You quite a while if you have a lot of photos that don’t have an album to call home, this will take. Yes, you will need to delete each individual photo one at a time — also it sucks.

  • Visit your photos page
  • Click on the photo to start it
  • Click Options on the menu bar below the picture
  • Select Delete This Photo and simply click Delete

When you delete one photo, click the right arrow to scroll to another and repeat .

How exactly to untag yourself from Faceb k photos

You may still be tagged in photos that someone else has posted while you can delete your own photos. Of these, you’ll have to eliminate your label from each one of these become set free.

  • Visit your task log, then click Photos and Videos (under Filters in the left) then ch se Photos You’re Tagged In
  • Click to check on the box to the left of the articles you’d like to eliminate a tag from
  • Click Report/Remove Tags towards the top of the web page
  • Click Untag Photos to verify

Remember right here as you are able to only ch se 10 photos at the same time. So select 10, remove your tag, then do another 10. Never as painful as removing one-by-one, but it is not far off.


You’ll likely nevertheless be left having a stranglers that are few after going right through this procedure. I had a few posts that kept throwing errors when I tried to untag myself, so I’ll simply check back later and decide to try once again. You may even want to untag your self from other people’s articles (which you can do from your Activity Log under Posts you are Tagged In) if not eliminate your personal statistics like training & work info, contact info, and also your genuine name.

The point the following is to keep your original Faceb k account mostly intact in the event you utilize it for any other purposes like app logins or Messenger. Nevertheless the one certainly surefire option to dump your data for g d is to simply delete your whole damn thing.

Updated 2019 Faceb k has given us yet another reason to delete its content from our lives january.

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