Gay hook-up software Scruff bans jockstraps from profile images

Gay hook-up software Scruff has banned jockstraps as well as other underwear from profile photos, citing store that is app given that explanation.

The modifications to your terms of good use had been established by CEO Eric Silverberg in the Scruff website, where he proposed that too little policy profile pictures could around result in Scruff being taken out of application stores.

He additionally stated the application have been removed briefly “earlier this present year,” and stated that when the ban have been permanent, it can have already been “devastating to the business and our community.”

“The primary profile photo may well not show jockstraps, underwear, or bikini-style swimwear.”

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“Moving ahead, to conform to app store recommendations, the profile that is primary may well not show jockstraps, underwear, or bikini-style swimwear,” Silverberg stated.

“We have also clarified our policy by eliminating references to hugging and kissing it really is particularly sexually suggesting embraces that might not align with app store recommendations.

“Given that Scruff is a residential area that speaks freely and definitely about intercourse, figures, and intimacy, some believe that such polices have reached odds with those values. Such critique just isn’t unfounded.

“Scruff respects the issues voiced by our community about this matter, so we encourage everyone else to carry on to put up us, and all sorts of technology companies, in charge of the information and conduct criteria we enforce,” he finished.

Scruff users show dissatisfaction

The declaration uses some users regarding the software indicated their frustration online when they exposed Scruff the other day and had been greeted with an email about brand new picture guidelines.

The message read: “Profile picture directions are changing.

“We encourage everyone to carry on to hold us, and all sorts of technology companies, in charge of the information and conduct criteria we enforce.”

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Eric Silverberg, Scruff CEO

“To comply with platform policies, pictures in underwear, jockstraps or bikini style swimwear are no longer permitted in profile photos.”

One Twitter individual, Pup_Amp, tweeted a screenshot regarding the message towards the app’s official Twitter, saying: “Craigslist. Backpage. Tumblr. Now also scruffapp, a dating that is gay you need to be of consenting age to make use of, is censoring exactly exactly how it is [sic] users can upload pictures?

“This is lookin that is n’t good guys…” he said.

Another Twitter individual, grahamharbison, shared a screenshot of their own Scruff account, where he received an email saying a photo that is recent uploaded was indeed relocated to his private record because it had been “too hot for Scruff.”

He said that the picture had shown him shirtless, and asked the application to make clear why it had been relocated.

Another Twitter individual also advised that a photograph of himself and their husband kissing have been censored by Scruff.

Scruff permits users to ‘filter’ guys considering ethnicity

This is not the time that is first has faced critique. The software came under fire in 2016 for permitting males to “filter” people predicated on their ethnicity.

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