Hi once again , yer I understand excactly what ur trying to state.

See just what you have got mentioned in your status.

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I am able to so relate t , my buddies keep telling me as best i can , they also miss my well how can i put it ex as she is now , i have tried t keep intouch with her but she isn’t the same with me as she once was, i’m still hurting because i really know when we are together it is really meant to be i hope your rite in the fact that she will one day return when she realizes that she has made a terrible mistake and we should be talking our way through things i have seen a side to her that not many people have especially when she is low , she is a rite tough nut she doen’t give much away i have spoken with her friend and she has also seen my ex gf in a low spot and what she said t me was she really must love you because not mant people do that she is no g d for me and i need to move on a find another love but it’s not as easy as that apart from me focusing on my kids and making g d with them . we can’t continue faceb k simply because she is still friends with me on the and seeing her just causes it to be harder but she does not carry on msn much so i stay on the website, and i’m thinking absence helps make the heart develop fonder , please don’t listen to those individuals which are telling you that you will be peanuts , because i totally understand where your originating from , if you’d prefer somebody you like someone and there is absolutely nothing you or anybody can do about any of it , if this person your nevertheless in deep love with is anything like me , then i’m extremely sure he nevertheless thinks in regards to you alot , whenever I was married to my ex wife i thought about my gf love a hell of alot but now i’m no longer maried my gf had a gathering with my spouse as she had been then and shared with her so it was like we’d never ever been apart .. i wasn’t there at the time thank god .. heading back for you saying no one speaks with ur old lover friends and family then hold on tight i’m like this once a virgo meets somebody then this is just what we do is i wouldn’t say drop our friends and fam but focus on the partnership in hand .no i really don’t think he hates you simply he is at this time with somebody , sorry then, i’m not saying it’s over between us but she will realise what a terrible mistake it was to let me go in the first place , she can’t have kids and she will never marry again , so in that respect i’m safe ..well i’d say alot of people are in relationships and marriages that they aren’t happy in .. well i’m thinking the same about a taurus female as she is ingoring me does that mean she hates me or is she telling me t move moved here on because she can’t go through with our kids ever getting on ever , but inside she hurts her still as she had to make that choice to let me go yet again , i’d do anyhting to get her back ie dating and not see her as much as i did which was every day but not all was my fault on that , if i was late she’d text me if i didn’t turn up say for 1 day she’d tell me how much she missed me ,we’d aleays be incontact with each other , even when i left to come home we’d be texting and talking all the time if this part hurts you, because at the moment a bloke is making all the right moves on chat with my ex gf .. and their is nothing i can do about it , if it is she does go with this person or anyone . Like i was doing all the chasing so it wasn’t . i just don’t know the way one day this woman is great beside me additionally the next she informs me it is over . i never ever like to ever let her get however for now we have no option , just hold on in there making your presence understand along with your nevertheless around he’ll realize to your the 1 he wants .. do you realize if he’s happy in this marriage or otherwise not . when you can find this away and u know he is not pleased then it is all yours for the taking but do so in a manner that your incontrol … make him notice you but don’t over do so as you don’t desire to be seen doing most of the chasing ..

It seems as you know precisely the things I am wanting to say

And can i inform you i will be certainly thankful around me think I am obsessing and nutz and I have to admit to some degree I think I am t because I think the people. The one thing I cannot stay probably the most is simply how much I just cannot stop considering him dreaming about him and recalling little intriket details of your experience. So I hav been attempts that are making subtley as i could to reach out to him. through friends on faceb k etc…. nevertheless most people are so tight lipped by way of example I talked with an old friend that is mutual week and stated so hows so and thus and then he said oh “Oh i dont communicate with that man, whom talks to that particular guy now ever since that girl no one talks to him?” THEREFORE I have always been wondering, if all things considered these years no body with him or anything else because of his wife that I know that knows him really talks to him, and everyone I talk to that could possibly talk to him do not seem interested to talk about him. Must I straight back off……IF they can cut off all buddies plus some household memebers can I simply take this as he is actually actually happy, could that be the scenario that he is actually happy? I will be wondering does he hate me this is the reason he has got never tried to reach out to me personally once again? It had been amazing We recently saw some pictures of him on faceb k through someone elses feed i that is completely random even think he knows he’s photos there nonetheless it had been excellent the images come from 36 months ago and I got a chance to see what he appears like now.. if you ask me he l ks exactly the same, but everybody else was commenting on what old and chubby he appears now. Would a virgo man accomplish that be in a wedding that he’s not happy in, whenever virgo men ignore you is hate or is it that truly have actually emotions for your needs this is why they need to ward off?

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