If youre anything like me, you’ll have hundreds of messages and lots of conversations kept in Kik.

How To View Elder Messages in Kik

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often I will have a few conversations running at the same time for a array of subjects and I also need to keep my talk history so I will keep up with all the current different threads. Every one of which got me personally thinking, how will you view older messages in Kik and may you back them up before they are deleted?

Kik is just a message service that is push. It doesn’t keep your chats and will not store copies of whatever you deliver. The Kik servers are merely message relays. They get your message from your Kik app, find the receiver within the user database and forward that message on. The recipients Kik application then notifies the Kik host the message was received after which read that the host drops the thread.

There’s absolutely no storage, no monitoring with no retention of your communications. This is one of many significant reasons Kik is indeed popular. Its extremely difficult to track your use and all messages disappear once the deal is complete.

That does provide a couple of practical problems though. All messages are conserved on your phone within the Kik application. If anything happens to your phone or the app is deleted or corrupted, your communications disappear.

Viewing older communications in Kik

When you are logged into Kik, your communications must certanly be noticeable within limitations. Apparently, Kik turns up to 1,000 communications over a 48 hour duration for an iPhone and only 600 on Android. Older messages continue to be saved but just the final 500 for an iPhone and last 200 on Android. Why there exists a distinction in volumes I actually do maybe not understand. Neither have actually we had the oppertunity to learn.

Should you want to keep older messages you must remain logged into Kik. If you log out, communications is going to be deleted and you will lose use of your older chats.

Save yourself older messages in Kik

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Kik does not have an archive function built you can archive your phone and therefore chat data into it but. This is less than perfect it isnt usable in any meaningful way as you cannot view this data in iTunes or on PC so while saved.

There are two main alternatives that do work but they are both quite laborious. I suggest just with them for actually crucial chats that you actually dont want to reduce. The foremost is to have a screenshot associated with chat plus the second is to duplicate and paste chats into another application.

There are always a lot of sites online all suggesting phone that is using and data recovery software, utilizing database recovery t ls and all method of downloads to truly save or recover old Kik messages. The difficulty is with these solutions is which they only work if you accidentally log away from Kik or if something occurs to your phone. If communications periods and go over the 48 hour limit or the 500/200 older message limit, they arent usable anyhow if you do not delete a ton of more messages that are recent.

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Both of these means are the only ways that are practical know of to help keep and see old messages on Kik.

Take a screenshot

Going for a screenshot of a Kik message could be viewed as a betrayal of trust so put it to use carefully. Place the chat the display and perform the screenshot then. Scroll up or down and repeat to fully capture the conversation that is entire.

To have a screenshot on Android os, hold the power down and volume down key before you understand notification. The screenshot will be saved in the Screenshots folder in your phone rather than in your digital camera folder.

To have a screenshot on an iPhone, press and contain the home and lock buttons. You will need to hold the lock and volume up buttons if youre fortunate enough to have an iPhone X.

Copy and paste older communications in Kik

Once more, this isnt exactly easy to use it is the sole other way that is usable know of to save older messages in Kik. Once more, it might technically be described as a betrayal of trust so be careful whenever you use it.

To duplicate and paste in Android os

  1. Hold your hand down for a bit of text until a selector field seems.
  2. Ch se Ch se All Text and then Copy.
  3. Open up a notepad or term for Android and paste the contents right into a document.
  4. Save the document having a significant name which means you know very well what it contains.

To duplicate and paste in iOS

  1. Hold your finger down on some text until a selector package seems.
  2. Ch se Ch se All and then Copy.
  3. Open a notepad up or Word for Android os and paste the articles right into a document.
  4. Save the document with a significant title it contains so you know what.

The present form of Kik supports the ch se All option not all iOS apps do. If you wish to save yourself older communications in other apps you may not have the ability to pick all. That could render this technique useless but in the context of Kik, for the present time it works.

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