>my husband came home from work yesterday and said that his colleagues had been all talking about the things that are strange on within The Villages.

He states it’s really a community that is whole of swingers. like in people who swap partners. Evidently it’s not most of the residents, but there is however a group that is significant of. Also, apparently The Villages gets the incidence that is highest of STDs within the state.

ETD: any personal opinion about this lifestyle option

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My loved ones https://datingmentor.org/escort/carmel/ has lived near there for a time that is long. I really do perhaps not find out about the swingers, but it made news that is national years ago that there is a herpes outbreak there. We also saw Jay Leno create a laugh about any of it. The people is becoming more rich baby-boomers than any such thing, and because the women can be previous menopause and additionally they didn’t grow up w/ the HIV epidemic, etc, there exists a lot of rampant unsafe sex. I might never be surprised in regards to a higher level of STD’s or swingers. These are typically a personal community and do not want the health dept. in there educating people, either. They do have their share of hookers and gigolos. Someone from my grandma’s small community got caught w/ a hooker outside Katybelle’s (sp?) a true period of time ago, lol.

Having said that, I’ve been up here numerous times that are many it is not like i have ever been hit on by an older individual (i am 27). There is some decent shopping up here and when I go homeward to my children I’d instead spending some time within The Villages than deal w/ the a-holes in Leesburg.

Oh A i very doubt if you can find swingers it is anywhere close to a community that is whole of them. The area is huge and takes up big chunks of 3 counties. There cannot be that much Viagra into the world. right?

note that’s the purpose. There are no known facts, and that’s why I am ASKING. i became someone that is hoping state “Yes!” it’s true or “NO! BOO! YOU MIGHT BE WRONG! IT’S NOT TRUE”

but once again, just like the other wanknugget, you assume my post has any such thing related to judging them. I am simply looking to get additional information on a rumor that my hubby claims is pretty substantiated within his business, through different anecdotes that are personal.

and whom cares if you should be or aren’t a swinger. we wasn’t judging. I was asking. geez.

I think this is when the”rumor that is so-called was sprung from: think Local 6 could be the CBS news affiliate. It had beenn’t STD’s in general that was reported, but specifically herpes.

You cannot actually rely on county statistics because The Villages is section of 3 counties, Lake, Marion, and Sumpter. It is just about a corner of Lake County, uncertain how much of Marion County, and a large percentage of sumpter is still undeveloped.

The Lake County wellness Dept has known about the herpes stats for years however they are not permitted in to do any type or type of education.

We thought it was slightly amusing.

I’m going to need to chime in right here in the “offensive” side. You used plenty of adjectives with negative implications in your attempt to “find facts” and that will not make your post sound like you had been hoping to get towards the truth of the rumor, it makes it appear to be you had been distributing one, whether you intended to or not.

We’ll provide an example to make this more clear.

Investigating a rumor:”i’ve heard that The Villages is a swingers that are senior, is this true?”

Note the complete and total lack of individual opinion or judgement. It absolutely was simply a restatement of the rumor and a relevant concern to its legitimacy.

Distributing gossip disguised as investigation:”Eww, we heard you will find these weird, disgusting swingers during the Villages and it’s completely gross and they are all full of STDs. Is this real?”

The addition of personal viewpoint and judgemental adjectives mark this being a declaration utilising the “investigation” tactic as an excuse to gossip about something titillating.

Editing the post so the worst for the adjectives are eliminated does not actually mend the problem. Leaving them while they were having an apology and a sincere admission as to how they had been offensive in an effort to further educate others & try to change societally-approved stereotypes and discrimination will be a much more courageous and better-accepted solution.

Now, onto some misconceptions about swingers.

First, non-monogamy in many kinds is far more common than people want to acknowledge to, only a few of these many and ethical of them hide underneath the label “monogamy” with all the caveat “depends how you define monogamy”.

In certain forms of non-monogamous styles, such as for example moving, among the hallmarks of that specific lifestyle is mostly about security and behaviour that is ethical. As a whole, swingers are usually very well educated about sexual health and are good at discussing and negotiating boundaries for real and safety that is emotional. There is often very well developed interaction abilities, a high amount of increased exposure of honesty and integrity, and a deep-seated concern and respect for ethical remedy for others.

In comparison to the typical populace of the American culture, which turns a blind attention to things such as never Ask, Don’t Tell, cheating, mistresses, perhaps not talking about sexual history as it’s “awkward”, not using regular STD tests due to concern with finding out the results, and a broad disapproval of appropriate sex education, the alt-sex communities be seemingly a much safer and many other things ethical lifestyle.

Please be aware why these are basic styles, and that exceptions to any or all styles undoubtedly do take place.

For folks who pride themselves on security and ethical behavior, general public expressions of disgust or discomfort because “they are strange” are really offensive because it signifies that the person disapproves of being truthful and treating each other with care, consideration, and dignity.

When public reviews such since these aren’t only permitted to get unchecked, but agreement is publicly voiced, it shows that the culture doesn’t even recognize that group as worth defending or even worth being neutral towards, that they are maybe not worthy of compassion or care and consideration due to their humanity, their emotions, their dignity. In case a swinger were to state publicly that the monogamous individual is unethical, diseased, disgusting, or “weird”, public acceptance associated with swinger’s comment wouldn’t be equal to the public acceptance of this reverse.

For the record, i will be not a swinger, nor have always been I elderly. It is really not a lifestyle I will be personally comfortable practicing, but I am aware that everyone has various requirements and wants in relationships and what works for me personally doesn’t necessarily work with other people. Therefore I extend to the swingers the courtesy that their choices that are informed their individual life are just as legitimate & demand equally as much respect as mine.

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