Korean Air customer care Arrange: Deliver luggage on time

1. Provide the cheapest fare available

We provide the cheapest fare accessible to you when it comes to date, journey, and course of solution you request through our web site (koreanair Open in brand new screen ), on our phone booking system, at airport admission counters, as well as solution workplaces when you look at the town. Upon request, our representatives will determine itineraries that are alternative your travel routine is flexible.

2. Inform customers of delays, cancellations, and diversions as needed by 14 CFR Code of federal laws В§ 259.8

Whenever a modification of the status of a flight happens (in other words., a wait of thirty minutes or maybe more when you look at the operation that is planned of journey, a termination of the trip, or a diversion), we shall quickly offer information on the alteration within half an hour directly after we become alert to such a big change, as needed under 14 CFR Code of federal Regulations 259.8(a). We’ll make all about such modifications available via our toll-free phone number (1-800-438-5000), via our U.S. internet site, koreanair Open in new screen (when you look at the Flight Status Menu), at the gate area ( for a journey at a U.S. airport), and via any journey status registration solution we offer that delivers notification to passengers (into the extent we offer such service). We provide, through our gate agents and trip teams, timely updates regarding the status and results in of delayed, terminated, or flights that are diverted. We’ve set up flight monitoring technology which will enhance our power to monitor delays and diversions; it may help us relay information more totally. We shall contact you about cancellations once the occasion is created recognized to us with the email address in your booking.

3. Deliver luggage on time

It really is our intention to supply your luggage on time. Nevertheless, in case this does not happen, we will attempt to get back your misplaced luggage within a day. Alert a Korean Air worker in the airport if you fail to find your baggage. To test the progress of the case search, phone the local office where you made your report or head to In the airport menu on our internet site. We’re going to make an effort to contact owners of unclaimed luggage each time a true title and target or perhaps a phone quantity can be obtained. We utilize scanning technology to recognize the positioning of most unclaimed luggage which helps us to panseksualne porady randkowe quickly reunite you along with your home. Bags which are unclaimed after a week are delivered to our head office in Incheon, where efforts that are continued designed to find case owners.

4. Penalty won’t be applied so long as you cancel booking and ask for refund within a specific duration after purchase.

The refund within 24 hours of purchase for a reservation that is booked and ticketed through Korean Air ticketing office, Korean Air Service center (800-438-5000), or Korean Air homepage (koreanair Open in new window ) one week or more prior to the first departure date of your itinerary, you will receive a refund for the ticket without penalty if you cancel the reservation and request.

5. Offer prompt solution refunds

We shall issue refunds for qualified domestic and tickets that are international seven company days for charge card purchase, and twenty company days for purchases produced by money or check. Needs for refunds could be submitted to Korean Air ticketing office, Korean Air provider center (800-438-5000) or your travel representative. Info on this solution can be obtained on our internet site into the customer care menu.

6. Precisely take care of people with disabilities along with other special requirements, including tarmac delays

  • Passengers with Disabilities along with Other Unique Requirements

Accommodating the unique needs of people with disabilities is just a priority for Korean Air. A variety of special services upon request, we offer such passengers

  • Transportation to, from, and between gates, either by wheelchair or, in a number of places, electric cart.
  • Boarding help.
  • Whilst in the airport as well as on the air air plane, help people with visual, auditory, intellectual, or flexibility impairments.

So that the quality that is high of solutions and security of consumer rights, we designate Complaint Resolution Officials (CROs) in most airports who will be in charge of ensuring solutions supplied to your clients with disabilities are correctly implemented.

  • Kiddies Traveling Alone
  • We offer unaccompanied passenger solution for kids many years 5 through 11 that will be traveling alone. The exact same solution can be supplied to kids many years 12 through 16 who can be traveling alone. (charges make an application for unaccompanied small solution.) Info on this solution are found on our internet site in the Travel provider menu.

    7. Meet clients’ crucial requirements during long tarmac delays

    We shall offer information about the status of the journey when there is a delay that is extreme you have got boarded or following the air air plane has landed. If security and safety conditions enable, we will also allow for your crucial requirements such as for example meals, portable water, operable lavatory facilities, and use of treatment that is medical. For lots more information, see Korean Air’s Contingency Plans for Tarmac Delays.

    8. Treat people fairly and regularly into the full instance of oversales

    Periodically, we possibly may never be in a position to give you a chair for a flight that is specific if you possess a ticket and check always in on time. This can be called an oversale, and it also happens in the event that wide range of customers whom sign in (willing to board) surpasses how many available seats.

    In the event that you voluntarily provide your chair, we offer settlement and transportation on an alternative journey. A notice which explains the responsibilities additionally the settlement in a sum decided by Korean Air may be fond of you. If you’re involuntarily rejected boarding, we provide payment and transport on an alternative journey. A notice which describes the responsibilities as well as the settlement in a sum decided by Korean Air will likely to be directed at you.

    The policies and procedures we follow ensure you receive reasonable and treatment that is consistent such oversales occur.

    9. Disclose travel itinerary as well as other policies that affect your travel

    We’re going to give you your travel itinerary and complete information regarding policies and procedures that affect your travel:

      Provide flyer that is frequent

    Essential guidelines, limitations, and redemption information can be obtained on our web site in Skypass menu. In addition, these are generally supplied upon enrollment and offered in up-date notices directed at Skypass people.

    Offer aircraft setup

    Aircraft setup, chair width, and pitch ranges can be obtained on our site in About Us menu. In addition, it is possible to have the information through our booking and airport agents.

    Offer essential terms including termination policies

    Information concerning terms and conditions are present on our site when it comes to utilize and General conditions of carriage menus.

    10. Inform customers in a manner that is timely of in itineraries

    We are going to alert in a prompt types of modifications on your trip if you find an alteration in order not to ever impact your itineraries. We will contact you concerning the aircraft or the routine modifications if the occasion is well known, utilising the email address you offer us in your booking

    11. Ensure responsiveness to consumer complaints

    We shall acknowledge receipt of written consumer complaints within thirty days of receipt and certainly will deliver a substantive reaction within 60 times of getting the grievance. Please deliver us your remark or problem into the address that is following.

    • Mail : 260, Haneul-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Southern Korea Korean Air Customer, 07505
    • E mail us start in new screen on our internet site

    12. Offer services to mitigate passenger inconveniences caused by cancellations and misconnections

    In cases where a termination does occur, we will make an effort to contact you utilizing the email address you offer in your booking so that you can relieve any inconvenience you’ll experience. In addition, we strive to verify you in the next journey we run that features seats obtainable in the exact same class of solution whenever rebooking is essential. We offer resort rooms at Korean Air contracted facilities, according to supply, if you’re expected to stay immediately while away from your house or destination because of a wait, misconnection, or termination within Korean Air’s control.

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